GTA Star Wars Mega Mod v0.8.1 Alpha

Download at Mod forum:

How to install:
This mod is a "mod~game"(like garry's mode), in other words, this modifies almost the entire game (except in Alpha v0.8 and v0.9 Beta) just do not need to buy/download "GTA San Andreas" game to have it, simply extract it to a folder (Default, C:/Programm Files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas) of your choice. But if you have GTA San Andreas installed on your pc, you can extract these files overwritting the game, but I recommend to make a backup before extraction.
I recommend you install the DYOM 7.0.2 (download link) to be able to do and create missions from good or dark side of the "force" and to enjoy the missions we are still preparing for you!

1- Extract to a folder of your choice or replace the files from GTA San Andreas you already have installed.
2- Create a shortcut to the desktop (in alpha version v0.8, the shortcut does not have the icon of our logo defaulted *my fault, sorry*, so must do it manually, just click right mouse button on the shortcut and go to properties, then "change icon" and look for the logo in the game folder "GTA Star Wars logo MM").
3- PLAY!! The force be with you!

Old Version: GTA Star Wars Mega Mod v0.8 Alpha
                      Click on this link for "Old Download"!


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